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Always-On - a Purchase-Linked Promotion Solution™

Step 1: Register

Shopper Profile RegistrationConsumers complete an online profile to keep track of credits and gifts earned.

Step 2: Buy

Participants make a purchase
Shoppers make a purchase and then using their phone, take a photo of their receipt.

Step 3: Send

Upload a photo of their receiptConsumers upload their receipt and expected credits earned, to a custom branded website.

Step 4: Earn

Earn a reward!Once validated, consumers are rewarded and encouraged to opt-in for future messaging and offers.

Typical Duration

This is an "Always-On" approach to promotions. It means engaging with shoppers year round.

Typical Shopper

No surprise, the typical shopper in this case is brand loyal, engaging beyond the promotion.

Reward Options

Reward options include, physical or digital gifts, rebates & coupons, or contests.

Data Collection & Analysis

Data Collection & Analysis

Using Tether™ XMP, our web-based experience management software we collect and analyze receipt data: 

  • Monitor participants, purchases, and rewards given
  • Track against established goals and past performance benchmarks
  • Share of participants, transactions and sales by region, retailer and store
  • SKU mix, average transaction value and compliance by retailer
  • Demographic, behavioural, & supplemental “declared” data (ie. surveys, feedback, messaging)
  • Personalized retargeting of segmented audiences
  • Two-way conversations for continual support
  • Integration with existing CRM, or manage with Tether™ XMP

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