Helping CPGs and Agency Partners get the most out of retail and field activations.

Step 1: Buy

Consumers Purchase ProductConsumers purchase your product at a participating retailer.

Step 2: Snap

Snap a photo of their receiptUsing their phone, consumers take a photo of their receipt.

Step 3: Send

Upload their receipt to Tether™Consumers visit your experience webpage and upload their receipt photo.

Step 4: Earn

Shoppers are RewardedOnce validated, consumers are rewarded and notified by email or text message.

Using Tether™ XMP, our web-based experience management software, we collect and analyze a series of interconnected data points in every promotional marketing activation.

Data Collection & Analysis
Customer Profile 1

We provide our clients with insights and answers to some of their most important marketing questions. 

  • How can you maximize on moments of impact for customer experience?

  • How closely do the promotion participants align with your consumer target group?

  • Are you making the right assumptions about shopper behaviour?

What is your brand's objective?

We have a solution engineered to help achieve your goals.

One & Done

Driving trial? Increasing basket share?

Collect & Get

Encouraging repeat purchases?


Individual offers and incentives?


Microsite Development

Promo Administration

Database Enrichment

Research Studies

SMS & Email Marketing

Customer Support