Link Promotions To Purchases To Drive Insights & Sales

Take the promotions you're already running and turn them up a notch with a transaction-centric approach.

How a Purchase-Linked Promotion™ Works

Step 1: Buy

Consumers Purchase ProductConsumers purchase your product at a participating retailer.

Step 2: Snap

Snap a photo of their receiptUsing their phone, consumers take a photo of their receipt.

Step 3: Send

Upload their receipt to Tether™Consumers visit your experience webpage and upload their receipt photo.

Step 4: Earn

Shoppers are RewardedOnce validated, consumers are rewarded and notified by email or text message.

Using Tether™ XMP, our web-based experience management software, we collect and analyze receipt data.

Focusing on promotion metrics, retailer metrics and shopper behaviour metrics. Providing the opportunity to discover insights and answers to some of today's tough marketing questions.

Data Collection & Analysis
Discover Insights

We provide our clients with insights and answers to some of their most important marketing questions. 

  • How can you maximize on moments of impact for customer experience?
  • How closely do the promotion participants align with your consumer target group?
  • Are you making the right assumptions about shopper behaviour?

Which variation sounds like the right fit for you?

There are essentially three stages of Purchase-Linked Promotions™. Each one serves a unique purpose for a brand promotion. Whichever you choose, there's no easier way to reward consumers who buy your brand. All promotions are web-based without apps, special codes, or complex point-of-sale integrations.

One & Done

Increase Basket Size & Drive Trial!

Collect & Get

Encourage Repeat Purchase!


Maximize Sales, 1:1 Marketing


Custom Branded Site

We put experience in customer experience.

Administrative Services

The boring stuff that nobody but us wants to do.

CRM Integration

Salesforce, HubSpot, you name it, we can do it.


Let your participant's tell you how they really feel.

Alerts & Messaging

It's today's preferred method of communication.

Customer Support

It's going to be okay, we'll handle it from here.