Link Promotions To Purchases To Drive Insights & Sales

Take the promotions you're already running and turn them up a notch with a transaction-centric approach.

Marketers Need To Better Understand What Motivates Customers To Buy

By taking a transaction-centric approach to consumer participation in promotions, we can directly link specific consumer activity to transactions and analyze it to surface valuable shopper behaviour, and retailer and product insights.

Purchase-Linked Promotions™

The promotions you're already executing but with a twist. Add proof-of-purchase to your promotions with a simple receipt upload and reward consumers for buying your brand! 

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Insights & Answers

Using Tether™ XMP, our web-based experience marketing software we collect and analyze one of the most under appreciated real-time data tools available -  the receipt.

We categorize three levels of data points; promotion metrics, retailer metrics, and shopper metrics to uncover insights and answers you can apply to your current promotions. 


Which Purchase-Linked Promotion™ suits your needs?

It’s never been easier to reward consumers who buy your brand! Tie promotion activity to purchases. The Purchase-Linked Promotion (PLP) method can be used across all receipts, all retailers, and all brands without apps, special codes, or complex point-of-sale integrations.
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The Mobile Experience Company

MobileXCo is a marketing services and analytics company that specializes in providing consumer-facing brand organizations with the expertise, experience and tools to run digital promotions designed to engage consumers, measure results and surface valuable insights through data collection and analysis.

Powered by a diverse group of brand marketers, agency professionals, technologists, and consumer support specialists, MobileXCo operates beyond the scope of a typical agency or technology services company. From strategic consulting to design and services, we leverage our proprietary software application, Tether™ XMP, to bring transparency and accountability to everything we do.

Tether™, Experience Marketing Platform

Tether™, MobileXCo’s Experience Marketing software product, is a web-based campaign management and measurement application. It is available to our clients for the purpose of monitoring campaign results in real-time, collecting consumer contact details, logging engagement activity, and managing consumer support tickets and communications via email and mobile message services (SMS).


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