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Full Stack Developer


Our product, Tether, helps retail and brand marketers form meaningful relationships with their customers by better understanding who they are, what they do, and making it easy to personalize digital experiences at scale. We leverage artificial intelligence, real-time data and actionable insights to knock down the barriers that most often impede the ability of modern marketers to respond proactively and appropriately to their customers needs. Our goal is simple: Help marketers sell more through determining which activities, actions and customers drive the greatest return. And then do more of that.

- Assist in the continued development of our SaaS marketing platform as we scale it out - Act as mentor and ‘developer duck’ for other developers on the team through code-reviews or impromptu sessions

- Demonstrable senior-level experience with Laravel 5 (bonus points for it being distributed across multiple instances)
- Demonstrable experience with AngularJS 1.x
- Demonstrable experience with AngularJS Material 1.x
- Have previously worked on a SaaS application
- Have worked on a multi-tenant application

- Thorough understanding of applying TDD principles to Laravel
- Understand how to address AWS scaling challenges (in the context of Laravel)
- AWS Serverless (Python)
- Have worked in a Continuous Delivery environment before
- Have worked with marketing agencies before
- Have worked in a regulated industry before
- Have worked in the retail industry before

- Are all-in with AWS and will buy rather than build or host
- Run a mixture of 5.x Laravel apps across several services
- Use the Bitbucket variant of Git to control our source code
- Managed and prioritize tasks within Trello
- Have a non-fixed release schedule, delivering value to customers when its ready
- Are a distributed team
- Communicate primarily through Slack

Balance your career and lifestyle with this fast-paced and exciting opportunity.  We thank all applicants; however, only those being considered will be contacted. Please submit a cover letter and resume to .


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