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Overview of MobileXCo purchase-linked promotions, the benefits, and added features. 
Contests - How It Works
Contest Experience - How it Works!
Discover a fun way to engage consumers. 
Holiday eBook - Thrive With Mobile
eBook - Holiday Season
Make the most of your mobile shopper's experience this holiday season.

SMS 25 years old! So we decided to create a list of 25 ways to use SMS to connect with consumers.  
Consumer Messaging Infographic
Consumer Messaging Infographic
The secret is out...messaging is the #1 preferred communication channel.
Learn about the best practices for your most successful mobile strategy. (Read Blog)

Want to run a fun and easy product promotion? Try a gift-with-purchase and reward consumers for shopping in-store. 
Mobile Coupon - How it Works
Mobile Coupon Experience - How It Works
Reward customers for shopping, everyone loves a great deal!
Myth vs Fact Mobile
Mobile Marketing Myths Debunked! 
Discover some of the top mobile marketing myths and the facts behind them.

Asking for feedback at your events? Why not try a mobile survey. Quick and easy with real-time results!
Reward loyal shopper’s for buying multiple times, promoting repeat purchases, cross-brand purchases, or assorted flavours purchases.

3 Tips tp help measure mobile effectiveness
You need to measure effectiveness to manage it. 

MobileXCo Tracking Map - Preview - MobileXCo - V1 - July 3, 2018-01
Media Tracking - How It Works
Go beyond impressions and clicks. Know which of your media channels is working to drive conversions.
Automation in Market Research
3 Ways Automation in Market Research Can Help Ad Agencies Meet Client Expectations
Improve accuracy, drive efficiency, and maintain the human touch.
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