Driving Sales & Measuring Media Performance

Applying a One & Done Purchase-Linked Promotion™

A Canadian cheese producer inspired to drive sales of Canadian cheese during a key holiday period. The first promotion of its kind aimed at including and promoting all processors and retail partners. Consumers were encouraged to participate with the incentive of earning a one-of-a-kind Canada shaped cheese board. The campaign was promoted nationally with broad social and digital media buy, in-store media, a flyer, tear pads and sampling demos. All efforts aimed to put Canadian cheese top-of-mind for consumers as they planned for holiday entertaining.


Driving sales of Canadian cheese during the holiday season meant making Canadian cheese standout by increasing visibility across all processors and retailers. The consumer experience needed to be easy to execute, provide a strong incentive and be tied directly to purchase



Leveraging MobilexCo's One & Done Purchase-Linked Promotion format, we created an end-to-end solution that capitalized on the robust media plan and attractive offer to create a sense of urgency and exclusivity amongst shoppers.

The call-to-action for shoppers was simple; purchase at least four Canadian cheeses in a single transaction and upload a photo of your receipt and products to earn a cheese board.

Shoppers were invited to join the experience by texting the word 'cheese' for a quick access to the promotion website. Once their entry was validated, the participant received a confirmation message that their cheese board was on the way!

Once the cheese spread was displayed on the board, consumers were encouraged to share photos of their creations using #CanadianCheese, helping to amplify the reach of the campaign to an extended audience. 

cheese board social

Insights & Answers

Amongst the many insights uncovered, we established who bought which cheeses (variant & brand), where (geographically and by retailer), and when (days of the week, time of day).

  • 100% of the available cheese boards were claimed.
  • Over 50,000 participating products were sold.
  • Participation spanned across all national and most regional retailers

Linking promotion participation directly to a sale, sounds like a great idea, don't you think?

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