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Each piece is designed to help you gain a greater understanding for Purchase-Linked Promotions™, the value they provide, and how you can make this approach the central focus of a data-driven marketing strategy.

PLP Services Product Sheet
Product Sheet - PLPs

Discover how a PLP works and the value they offer.

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Receipt Analysis Infographic - Cover
Infographic - Receipt Analysis

A receipt is an excellent marketing tool when you consider the data that can be pulled from it.

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One & Done Product Sheet
Product Sheet - One & Done

Increase basket size and drive trial with a One & Done promotion.

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Drive Sale & Measure Media Performance
Case Study - One & Done

Driving sales and measuring media performance has never been so easy, see how it worked for this client.

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Consumer Messaging Infographic - Cover
Infographic - Consumer Messaging

Mobile messaging is today's preferred method of communication.

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Collect & Get Product Sheet
Product Sheet - Collect & Get

Encourage repeat purchase during a Collect & Get promotion.

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Always on Product Sheet - Cover
Product Sheet - Always-On

Maximize sales with1:1 marketing using an Always-On Purchase-Linked Promotion™ solution.

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25 Ways to use SMS - Info Sheet - Cover
Infographic - 25 Ways to Use SMS

Consider these 25 ways to connect with consumers via SMS.

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Survey & Quizz - Product Sheet - Cover
Product Sheet - Surveys

Quick and convenient add on for instant customer feedback.

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Media Tracking - Product Sheet - Cover-1
Product Sheet - Media Tracking

Go beyond impressions and clicks and discover which channels are driving sales.

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C&G Mars - Case Study - Cover
Case Study - Collect & Get

Discover retailer share and compliance without costly reports.

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3 Types of Purchase-Linked Promotions™ Comparison
Data Collection Info Sheet

Explore the possibilities of data collect and analysis with each type of PLP.

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